What you Need to Know about Getting Qatar Visa

Qatar is welcome to a very high population of tourists from around the globe – it has visa-exemption policies too.

30 countries benefit from this regulation including GCC members. The embassy of Qatar offers no express or expedited services and no additional charges for any application.

The most efficient way to pay your non-refundable fee would be to use your credit card at the passport control counter. However, recently cash payments have been allowed but you will need to deposit at a bank where a fee of $7 (US dollars) will be charge for processing.

Note that all major currencies are acceptable. You will need 2 color passport size photographs and a couple of the first 2 passport pages.

Types of Qatar Visas

Qatar Work Visa

The Qatari work visa is accessible by individual sponsorship, private entities and companies.

The ministry of interior (MOI) is accountable for approving such documents before validation. The sponsor pays the fee and collects the visa.

Immediate families of the employees may get permits for long stays.

Workers in government institutions as well as private companies may have their wives and children after approval by the permanent committee for arrivals.

Qatar Official Visa

The government may order the issuing of special visas. Ministries may also request the official visa package for guests for a one month period extendable to five months after medical tests and security procedures.

Joint Tourist Visa

A joint tourist visa is accessible by 33 nationalities that are have the freedom to enter the country directly but also move to out to another country before expiry of their allocated period.

This visa is valid for 21 days. Beneficiaries of this visa are not allowed to work in Qatari whether voluntarily or with income. It costs $27.

Qatar Business Visa

These are direct entry visas for expats of specific countries. The rest of the nationalities will need to obtain a business visa via a recognized company’s application to the Department of Immigration.

A Qatari business visa is valid for 2 weeks renewable for 2 more weeks. This visa is limited by entry regulation and residency laws on foreigners.

Transit Visa

You may apply for the transit visa in a special situation where as a traveler, you may be in the country for 2 days. If the airline company is responsible for the stop and you did not need to a pre-arranged visa, you will be exempted from this visa as long as the plane does not take more than 6 hours. The visa costs $ 44.

Return Visa for Visitors

You will be eligible for the return visa if you are a visitor in need of permission to return once in 6 months equal to twice a year back to your country of origin.

Family Visa

This permit lets expats working in the country wishing to bring their families from their countries of origin to proceed with the plan.

Visa for the Newborns

Newborn babies under 3 months are eligible for the Newborn visa at their arrival at the border.

All the parents need is an original birth certificate of the infant. The parents are required to have attained residence status and the mother must be sponsored by the baby’s father.

Attach the baby’s passport to the parents and get a free visa for your baby.

Qatar Residency Visa

A residency visa will be valid for two years but there is a quick renewal process so long as you do it before it expires. It costs $27 without any additional payment. Its compulsory to do medical tests and finger printing to obtain the Qatar Residence Visa.

Visas for Family

Visas for family visits are valid for one month. They are reserved for family members wishing to visit their relative residing in the country.

To extend the one month deadline, they will be required to undergo a medical test before expiry of that period. The long-term validity is renewable after 5 months for close family members such as father, mother, sisters and sons.

Other relatives get two months extensions on their visas. This visa costs $68 for 30 days.

Return Permit

Both residents and residents with either company or individual sponsorship who lose their passports may apply for the return permit. An official letter from the sponsor or company is mandatory. This permit is valid for 14 days before replaced by a passport.

In The End

In conclusion, all visitors need to have a visa in Qatar. While some of the visitors will be eligible on arrival, the rest must make prior arrangements.

If you are not eligible for visa on arrival you might be safer arranging a visa arranging for your visa prior to your travel at Qatari embassies. Traveling from the country equally requires an exit permit.

To stay out of trouble, adhere to the rules and regulations as disobedience and negligence attracts hefty punishment that you may not have expected.

Other rules are; all passport applications should be submitted and picked up between 9-30 am and midday on weekdays since business closes early in the country.

Some of the nations with exemptions and with joint-visa possibilities include:

Northern America; Canada and the United States, in Europe; Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican and Iceland. Others include Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong from the Far East. Others are Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, San Marion and Andorra.


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