How to Apply for Qatar Citizenship

Qatar is a small country which is known for its wealth and affluence due to the large oil reserves that is ranked as the third largest in the world.

Qatar is an Arab nation and a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It is located in the western Asia and has about 2.6 million population with about half of this figure being the citizen of Qatar and open to several benefits that is accorded to every Qatari National.

The State of Qatar is known as high income country with very high Gross Domestic Product Per Capita.

Many believed that being a citizen of this country gives you the right to be rich. The State of Qatar is one of the most technologically advanced Arab nation with its array of investments in media outfit that is known around the world and an exquisite Airline that gives world class service.

The city of Doha is the capital city of Qatar and just some distance away from the capital is the magnificent airport that is capable of taking more than 8000 people per hour.

All these are testimonies of a great life that Qatar presents and the utmost reason people love to visit the small but extremely rich territory in the Arab Peninsula.

The Qatar legitimate currency is Qatari Riyal which is worth about $0.3 (as of writing this blog post). Qatar is majorly populated by Muslims and perhaps this accounts for its policy on women which is seen by the western world as too harsh.

Women in Qatar can drive unlike in Saudi Arabia but they are still well restricted because they still dress in garbs. Qatar has recently given visa free entry to citizens of 80 countries and now remains the most open Arab nation but getting the citizenship in Qatar is quite a very difficult thing with little or no chance of success.

One can only be a citizen of Qatar if he is born to a Qatari father irrespective of his place of birth.

But children born by Qatari mothers and children born to unknown parents are not citizens of Qatar.

It is also worthy of note that Qatar do not recognize the concept of dual citizenship. While many read and belief false information as regards benefits available to every Qatar citizen, below are the true information that every Qatar national stands to enjoy and relish.

  • Free Health is available to every citizen living in the country
  • Free Electricity is also a luxury benefited by Qatar citizens
  • Free Education is by far the best benefit enjoyed by Qatar citizens as they get stipends according to their educational level while citizens that choose to study abroad gets education grants.
  • There are also land given to newly wedded couples of Qatar descents.

Moreover, it is not a surprise that people would wish they become a citizen of this country with these highlighted benefits up for grabs.

Becoming a citizen of Qatar is one of the most difficult things to get because the experience of foreigners living and maybe born in Qatar is anything but encouraging.

Expatriates and professionals working and living in Qatar even have the same problem with nationalization and it is to me an intentional debacle made by the government of the State of Qatar.

Citizenship requirements are in place but meeting these requirements does not in any way make it possible for you to get nationalized or become a Qatar citizen. These requirements include;

  • That an individual must have legally lived in Qatar for 25 years without gaps of more than 6 months
  • The individual must be of good and reputable character with no record of criminal activity
  • Must have a legally approved ways of earning a living in Qatar
  • The individual must also have a good knowledge of Arabic language

The only recent good news about getting nationalized in Qatar lies with the new policy for speedy nationalization of citizens of a member of the GCC, Bahrain.

Other ways anyone can easily get nationalized is through the Emirate recommendation or through participation in sports to represent Qatar in international competitions.


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