Top 20 Construction Companies in Qatar

Qatar is booming when it comes to construction of building, roads, hotels, sports grounds and infrastructure projects.

in fact Qatar is the fastest growing country in Arab region thanks to the world famous upcoming event i.e. Fifa World Cup.

Qatar is going to host this biggest sporting event in the World in 2022 and to full fill the requirement of demand of home, hotels, ground and other necessary resources there are hundreds of big and small construction projects are going on in Qatar.

People are looking for construction related jobs in Qatar, thus looking to find the information about construction companies. Its hard to find all these information at one place with all the essential information such as address, contact info etc

Looking at the huge demand of this info we decided to fill that gap by preparing the list of top 20 construction companies in Qatar with all the information you were looking for.

So read on and find the below list of big construction companies in Qatar as of 2019. Note: the list is in alphabetical order.

Top 20 Construction Companies in Qatar

  1. Al Bandary Engineering
  2. Al Jaber
  3. Al Jabor
  4. Al Misnad Services
  5. Al Muftah Group
  6. Al Sraiya Group
  7. Alcat
  8. Archirodon
  9. Boom Construction
  10. CDC Qatar
  11. Gulf Contracting
  12. HBK Holding
  13. MACE
  14. Medco
  15. Medgulf Construction Company
  16. MidMac
  17. Qcon
  18. Redco Construction
  19. Tadmur Contracting
  20. Voltage Engineering Limited

list is in alphabetic order.

1. Al Bandary Engineering

Al Bandary Engineering was founded in 2006 and in a very short span of time they have delivered remarkable performance that is worth mentioning. They have finished wide range of diverse projects that include hotels, high-rise developments, industrial projects, etc. They aim to continue to work in the construction field by making full use of the latest technology.

2. Al Jaber

Since almost 50 years, Al Jaber has been enhancing the economic boom of Qatar & other Gulf countries through indulging in various construction and infrastructure projects.

With a well-trained and highly capable team, Al Jaber emphasis upon meeting the international standards. The aim of the company is to maintain their quality of services and enhance as one of the most well-known companies in Arab World.

3. Al Jabor

Al Jabor is one of the oldest and most well-reputed construction company in Doha. The company deals in trading, manufacturing, real estate and also deals with joint ventures with international partners.

With 16 years of experience, Al Jabor has a highly expert team of professionals who deal with the projects uniquely and smartly.

4. Al Misnad Services

Al Misnad Services provide quality services at a very fair price. They aim to take care of all the mandatory requirements of their capable workers to obtain good results. It has been providing its services in the last 21 years. It has 900 employees and 21 clients with over 16 projects completed within their deadlines and more than 13 ongoing projects in hand in and around Qatar.

5. Al Muftah Contracting

Al Muftah Contracting Company is one of the biggest civil engineering company in the State of Qatar. It has a reputable track record which can be judged through the long list of successful projects.

The company makes use of the most advanced engineering and construction methods with respective to technology and skills.

It is equipped with legal certifications that stand as testament to their vision statement.

6. Al Sraiya Group

Al Sraiya plays a significant role in infrastructural development of Qatar has its central core of focus is on innovation.

The company excels in various services, ranging from hospitality to engineering and from trading to education and general services as well.

Al Sraiya has a workforce of 25,000 people and has 53 companies too!

7. Alcat Qatar

Termed as one of the best construction and trading company in the region of Qatar, ALCAT has grown massively over time and excels in its services.

The team of expertise of ALCAT is highly dedicated to excellent management and effective solutions for their clients. With the help of utilizing the best and latest technologies, ALCAT has managed to root a fantastic reputation in the world of construction deeply.

Being a huge part in enhancing the infrastructure of Qatar, the company has a massive list of clients from Qatar Airways and Q-Rail, etc.

8. Archirodon

Archirodon is ran by two Greece construction pioneers and deals in multi-million dollar projects of Jeddah and Dammam seaports. Running since 1971, Archirodon is maintains quality by running on the ISO 9001 Standards.

The company has latest equipment for dredging, diving and lifting etc. Through the help of a bunch of expertise, Archirodon has grown massively with the passage of time.

9. Boom Construction

Boom Construction Company has been in business for several years. Due to its capability and high-quality work, it has completed projects among which stand, Lusail, Mekanis, Messaid611, Wukair, etc.

Boom Construction Company has contributed its capabilities in road works, utility works, and water works. Their experience is diverse.

10. CDC Qatar

CDC Qatar has earned its spot to be the most outstanding construction company in the region of Middle East. It is now looking forward to expanding internationally.

The recent project of CDC Qatar in Lusail has helped bring commercial development in the region through construction of high-rise buildings, which are all serving remarkable objectives.

11. Gulf Contracting

Through delivering high-quality sustainable projects, Gulf Contracting is the most preferred constriction contractors in Qatar. The company has contributed more than five decades to the development of Qatar.

East Department Store, Bilal Tower, Sewage Treatment Plant, Commercial Bank of Qatar at Pearl etc are all the outstanding projects of Gulf Contracting that are worth mentioning.

12. HBK Contracting

HBK Contracting is the Class A leading construction company in Qatar, which has specifically, strengthened its roots in the construction sector.

They have a highly professional and capable team who has immense knowledge about their profession and are experts in what they do.

They offer highly tailored and top-notch quality services to bring a unique experience for every client.

From estimating systems to Project document controls and from enterprise resource planning to build information modeling. HBK specializes in everything that tends to make their construction plan and execution, stand out.

13. MACE Qatar

MACE has been offering services in infrastructure fields since the past 45 years and have successfully excelled in providing the best quality services in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Doha.

With the ultimate goal of attaining excellence and providing top notch quality services, MACE emphasis on deploying the the right business plans to meet the requirements of the clients.

From water distribution to district cooling – MACE has indulged in all sorts of infrastructure construction projects in and around Qatar.


Middle East Dredging Company was established in 2004 and in a very short span of time it has grown to specialize in capital dredging works.

Within its first operating year, MEDCO was able to secure projects worth QAR 2 million.

This highlights the capable diverse work that the company is able to pull off singlehandedly.

15. Medgulf Construction

Medgulf Construction Company has a core team which comprises of more than 1000 employees. It is involved in multiple business activities that include, Mechanical Engineering and Piping, Civil Engineering, Cross-country Pipelines, Building Construction, etc.

It has completed several successful projects under the category of oil & gas and civil & infrastructure in Qatar and other Arab countries.

16. MidMac

Mid-Mac is a Qatar based construction company which has a professional and highly qualified workforce of almost 7000 people.

The company is famous for the large and challenging projects that it handles while maintaining quality and professionalism.

With 40 years of experience and successful construction business, Mid Mac is now one of the most relied upon construction company in Qatar!

17. Qatar Engineering and Construction Company (Qcon)

QCON is an industrial construction and engineering company which offers solutions to Oil and Gas company clients.

QCON focuses on industrial projects, maintenance services and mechanical fabrication to provide high quality and logical solutions to its clients. To maintain and ensure quality, QCON runs on 9001 ISO Standards and has various certifications too.

With a team of professionals and creative minds, QCON is a leading company in the construction and engineering field as they are able to offer some of the most unique solutions!

18. Redcco Construction Almana

Since 20 years, Redco Construction Almana been an innovative and efficient engineering and construction company. With a wonderfully professional work force, the company has earned huge respect and has executed major projects that have been life changing for them.

They deliver their service across Qatar and their well-acknowledged and rather strong corporate structured has helped them in building the Redco Construction Almana magnificently.

19. Tadmur Contracting

Tadmur Contracting Company has completed major projects in civil construction, as a subsidiary of their parent company Tadmur Holding.

They have successfully completed multi-million Qatari Riyals projects in Qatar and aim to work internationally too. They were established in 1987 and since then, the company has gained massive popularity and recognition.

20. Voltage Engineering Limited

Voltage Engineering Limited Qatar has contributed to various types of industrial installations that include electrical, mechanical and instrumentation projects.

The company has gained the reputation of Class I, Grade A EPIC contractor in the region of Qatar. It has 800 dedicated employees that trained and committed to support the vision and norms of the company.


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