20 Interesting Facts about Qatar

Qatar is the smallest country in the Arab World but is one of the richest country in the World! There are many interesting and fascinating facts about Qatar that you didn’t know or must excite you to visit Qatar.

Qatar is the first Country to host FIFA World Cup in 2022! this is the only Arab country to host such a prestigious and biggest sports event in the World.

There are many interesting facts to explore, some of which are mentioned below.


1 – The State of Qatar is located on the Western Asian continent, on the southeastern side of the Arabian Peninsula.¬† It is surrounded on three sides by the Persian Gulf and its southern border it shares with Saudi Arabia. It’s nearest other neighbor is the island nation of Bahrain which is across the Persian Gulf from Qatar.

2 – Doha is the largest, most populous cities in the State of Qatar and it is also recognized as the capital city as well. The capital city is located on eastern side of the country and lies right on the coast of the Persian Gulf. As the most populous city in Qatar, with more than 50% of the total population living in the city or just outside of it. It is also the fastest growing city with most of the cultural stuff can be found there.

3 – Qatar is only one of four countries in the entire world that has no known forested areas within its natural borders. That does not mean that there are actually no trees in Qatar, in fact, there are several different species of fruit trees. The land is a mostly barren desert that doesn’t support forests.

4 – Though its earliest inhabitants date back 50,000, the land known as Qatar has been ruled by a number of other nations including Sassanian, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the Ottoman Empire and finally Britain rule. Then, in 1971 Qatar won its independence and it became known as the State of Qatar.

They established a constitution in 2003 and it was ratified in the same year.

5 – Since Qatar is a peninsula that surrounded on three sides by water it only officially borders one other country and that is Saudi Arabia. This is also why it is not surprising for some part of its existence it was ruled by the Saudi’s. Since it is rich in oil and gas reserves it is also not surprising why it was an important land to control.

6 – Qatar is mostly flat, barren desert with very little in the way of elevation or hills of any real height. The tallest peak in the State of Qatar is only 338 feet above sea level. Also, because it is mostly desert you will not find forests, just some fruit trees can be found around the country.

7 – Since Qatar is a mostly desert environment, if you are looking to travel to Doha, Qatar it is likely recommended that you travel during the peak season from October through May. This will be the most comfortable for most people to be able to handle. It is best to avoid the summer months if you can help it.


8 – Like so many other countries across globe football (soccer) is the national sport of the State of Qatar. That love for soccer lead Qatar to apply for and ultimately win the selection of being the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tournament. By being selected, it became the first Arab nation to be chosen to the host country for a FIFA World Cup Tournament.

9 – While football (soccer) is the considered the national sport, camel racing, which has been part of Qatar’s history dating back more than a thousand years. Unlike horse racing where there is a jockey on the horses back directing them, today’s modern camel racing involves a much more technological advancement with a robot jockey.

10 Р2022 FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar will combine two important first in the history of the FIFA World Cup, the tournament will be held in November and December instead of the traditional  June or July due to the extreme heat that is found in Qatar at that time.


11 – Like so many another country all across the globe tea is the traditional drink of Qatar. The Qatari people drink a milky type of tea called Karak. This Karak Tea is a milky kind of tea that is often infused with cardamom. This Karak Tea is available in places all around Qatar.

12 – Most regions of the world are known for the type of food that is specific to it and Qatar is no different. However, the popular cuisine in Qatar is actually heavily influenced by Indian and Iranian cuisines. There are several dishes that are very popular among the Qatari people including Hummus and Tabouleh.

People and Culture

13 – Like many of the other countries in the region Arabic is the official language. However, English is considered a second which is probably because Qatar was under British rule until 1971. Though Arabic and English are the predominant or official languages, many other languages can be heard throughout the country.

14 – The Qatari, both men and women each wear mainly a traditional type outfit. The women wear an extremely modest type of clothing which is called djellaba with a long black cloak over it called abaya. Qatari men also wear a traditional outfit called a thobe, which is a long white shirt over white boxer style shorts or long white cotton trousers.

15 – I guess it should be all that surprising that despite being a primarily Arab nation, only 40% of its population is actually of Arab descent. The rest is made up of Pakistani 18%, another 18% come from India, another 10% are of Iranian descent and another 14% are from a number of different ethnicity.

16 – The Qatari people rarely use cutlery, the meat is generally cooked in a way that does not require it to be cut with a knife. One of the primary foods eaten in Qatar is called Machboos and it consists of mostly meat and rice or seafood and rice. It is served in a bowl and eaten using a piece of bread.


17 – Qatar is sitting on the third largest reserve of natural gas and it is not surprising that its largest export would be LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). Because of the amount of oil and gas reserves Qatar is considered one of if not the richest country on the planet. It per capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is an astounding $127, 726.

18 – Due to its small size and relatively small population, the State of Qatar is considered the richest place on earth with its per capita GDP at a whopping $127, 726. This amazing wealth allows the Qatari government to spend a lot of money on infrastructure and other state resources that improve the daily lives of the Qatari people.

19 – Once world renowned for its pearl diving and at one time the primary source of income for many of the early inhabitants of Qatar. Today, due to the huge revenues from oil and gas reserves, pearl diving is still done, but mostly for personal use.

20 – As an oil and natural gas-rich country it should not really surprise anyone that it would not cost the Qatari people much at all to put gas in their vehicles. However, in comparison, it would cost you more for a couple of cups of Starbucks coffee than it would be to fill the tank of your car in Qatar.


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