10 Things To Do in Qatar in 2022

Explore the Purple Island (Al Khor Island)

This is a perfect place for family outings, especially because of the Mangroves.  The best thing about the purple island is its location, Al Thakira, because you don’t have to bother hiring or borrowing an SUV because of the terrain. Your normal family car will do.

Apart from the mangroves, Purple Island is the perfect place for chilling in the beach, hiking, and water sports. The flamingos, fossils, crabs, limestone formations, and salt water creeks make the purple island incomparable.

Explore Doha reefs

Doha offers the most spectacular view when it comes to reefs. The experience under water is incomparable to other destinations in the town. The warm weather at Doha is perfect for swimming and chilling out at the beach.

No worries if you have never been under water; there are exemplary services offered by experts and they ensure your eyes behold the beauty of reefs. It is the perfect place for diving. Renowned Qatar divers originate from Doha.

Do the wake-boarding at Diplomatic Club & other clubs

The Diplomatic Club is best for families. Also, if you like staying by the pool and enjoying the breeze, this is the place for you. If you are the type of lying in the sand all day dipping feet in warm water, this side of Qatar won’t disappoint.

The Diplomatic Club is adjacent to many other clubs by the shallow lagoon like waters. Apart from water skiing, you should try wake-boarding, this is the ultimate fun of visiting this part of Qatar.

Get some pearls by visiting pearl shop – Al Bida Park on the Corniche and other shops around Doha city of Qatar

Qataris deeply live pearls. Actually, pearl fishing was the main economic activity for people in this Arab state before the discovery of oil and gas. Despite the easy and huge amount of money from the oil industry, pearls form a significant image of Qatar.

You can’t leave Qatar without pearls in your bag if not on your neck. Take a stroll along Al Bida Park, which is on the long corniche and buy pearls on any of the shops lining up there. Pearls should be on top of your souvenir list. You will find them in the countless jewelry shops in Doha.

Buy (or See) some tame Falcons at Souq waqif Falcon market

Souq Waqif market is renowned for its originality. If you want anything architectural or traditional design relating to the Arab culture, this is the place to go. Besides, there is a part of the market devoted to the falconry sport.

Don’t leave Qatar before getting to this side of the market. Get to know more about these rare birds, which are worth millions. The value of a falcon is determined by the type of feathers.

Bash some dunes

You need not to be told of the need to do a desert safari while in Qatar. Engage a tours company with good SUVs and go in the middle of the desert, experience sun bashing. It is a lifetime experience. I cannot explain to you he ecstatic feeling, go on your own.

It’s a fun guarantee. Dune bashing feels like riding on a roller coaster. Most likely you will request for a second ride and may be third. You can’t get enough of dune bashing. Most people prefer going in the evening as they watch the sunset.

Visit to Beaches

When it comes to beaches, you have endless options. Doha has the best climate, warm temperatures hence warm water on the pools and beach.

Just get a good book and head out to the west side of Qatar and you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of beaches. Water skiing is only a tip of the endless activities in the beaches.

Visit camel stables and a racing stadium at Dukhan Road

Camel racing is a big deal in this part of the world. If you are on vacation, it is a must do. In fact, there is a TV channel dedicated to this. Twice a year, owners of the camels get out on an open field and compete by controlling their camels while following in their SUVs.

But you should visit the stadium, few miles north of Doha along Dukhan road. There is enough parking and seats displaying live matches and statistics of the race. Be sure to experience the thrill and loud thuds as the camels outdo each other on lanes.

Visit Losail International Circuit for bike and car racing

You must be already overwhelmed by the number of activities in Qatar. Hold on, you have not yet visited Losail Circuit Sports Club. It is a state of the art facility and the only one in the region.

It is currently undergoing upgrades ahead of F1 rally to be hosted in these grounds. It is fitted with flood light systems hence 24 hour fun for residents in Qatar. Be sure to spend at least an hour here, it is only 23 km north of Doha.

Visit Shopping Malls

Architectural designs and expertise in Qatar is immeasurable. Make a point of visiting malls in the city and you will be overwhelmed by the beauty and art.

It is not conventional construction; there is a touch in the design. Some of the malls you should go to are festival city mall, villagio mall, and city central mall among others.

Go catch some pics around city

While you should enjoy every moment, it is important to capture and store the memories. Qatar is too beautiful, you need to capture some and view later to cover most places.

The colorful mosaic tiles, gold walls, sunset on dunes, art center, and building towers are some of the things that should not miss in your gallery.


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